Preparing For Peak Seasonal Sales

Businesses that use retail system services should make sure they are prepared to deal with seasonal peaks in demand.

The summer sees some peak in demand, for example for travel items, so make sure you are prepared by following these tips.

Stock up

Products that sell well in the summer include, travel medicines for example: antihistamines, sun cream, beach wear and luggage.

In the run up to Christmas you would also need to make sure you have seasonal favourites in, as well as any other well selling stock. The Christmas rush is unpredictable and you need to maximise sales at this time.

Make sure you also have enough petty cash in the till, till-rolls and any branded packaging you use, for example, carrier bags.

Clean up               

In order to function efficiently during peak sales periods you need to make sure that your work space and sales space is as clear as possible. Now is the time to rationalise your stock and clear out those boxes from the back.

You also need to focus on making your sales space as welcoming as possible so that you are an attractive prospect to customers.

Get staff in

You will need extra sales staff over periods of high demand, so make sure that you either have extra staff you can call, or a contingency plan. Some businesses ban holidays during peak period times, and you could consider doing this too. It is best to give your staff some warning that this is what you will be doing.

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