Get Better At Selling

Companies with retail system services will need to make sure they are used to the highest level of efficiency.

Making sure your sales team is well trained in sales means you will make a big return on any tools you give them.

1.       One of the most popular techniques for sales is to ‘make a friend’. This means that you should be picking up on things you can comment on positively with a new customer. Comment on their hair, say that you think it would go well with a particular item of clothing you sell for example. You then need to try to relate to them based on what you have picked up on. This can’t be done by rote, it must be genuine and spontaneous.

2.       Challenge perceptions on value if they offer them. They may for example, be unwilling to shell out a lot for a particular product as they have done so before with little pay off. Show them ways in which your products are different, and be transparent about why they are buying.

3.       Despite that, you should always sell people on value. Make sure that they know that you are offering a good value product but making it clear how you have reached the price you are offering and make sure you let them know you understand how the product will fulfil their requirements.

4.       Cross sell appropriate products and make sure they have everything they need for whatever it is they are buying for. Is it an event or are they buying for home improvements. Let them know everything you can offer them.

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