School Summer Holidays 'Affecting Home Businesses'

If you run a business from home, possibly making good use of retail system services, you may well see your operations affected by the summer school holidays, with new research revealing that it costs business owners in the UK around £658 million over the six-week break.

Conducted by Direct Line for Business, the study found that 60 per cent of home business owners that have dependent children will take time away from work to spend time with their youngsters, with people investing four working hours each day to make up for the amount of time they are away from the office to look after their kids.

However, while home businesses may face some financial difficulties as a result, the survey also found that many children benefit greatly from being exposed to the world of business. In all, 30 per cent of parents said that their youngsters picked up entrepreneurial skills and 27 per cent of kids learned the value of work.

"Running a business from home requires blood, sweat and sometimes tears. If you add taking care of children to the mix, running a home business becomes ever harder," business manager at Direct Line for Business Jane Guaschi observed.

Balancing work with family during the summer holidays can be difficult but don't try to multitask and work while your kids are around, clamouring for your attention. Focus on one or the other at any one time - and don't be afraid to ask friends or family to help with childcare if you need to concentrate on the business.